CERN provides Fermilab with support for lab's neutrino program

CERN’s neutrino platform will provide the infrastructure to test two large prototypes for Fermilab’s DUNE far detectors

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Machine learning enables predictive modeling of 2-D materials

Researchers at Argonne use machine learning tools to accurately predict the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of nanomaterial

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Scientists develop scientists develop molecular rosetta stone

Scientists at MBL uncover a novel way to decode functional elements of genome

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National and Affiliated Laboratories

For more than 65 years the University of Chicago has helped to ensure the nation’s security, economic prosperity and welfare through the stewarship of national laboratories. The University manages Argonne National Laboratory and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and has direct oversight of the Marine Biological Laboratory and founding-partner relationship with the Giant Magellan Telescope project. From historic breakthroughs in nuclear energy, developmental biology and particle physics to present-day challenges in renewable power, dark matter and microbial ecology, these institutions have long stood at the forefront of discovery.

Argonne National Laboratory

Discovery science and engineering that provides technical solutions to the grand challenges of our time

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

America’s premier particle physics laboratory

Marine Biological Laboratory

This international center is working to transform biological discovery and education

Giant Magellan Telescope

The next giant ground-based telescopes promises to revolutionize our view and understanding of the universe

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UChicago Stewardship

Learn more about UChicago’s stewardship of our national laboratories, including how we help to shape and amplify the laboratories’  already powerful science programs

Innovation and Impact

Learn more about the significant regional and national impact that UChicago and the laboratories we oversee have on research and innovation.

Collaborative Research

Initiatives and appointments between the University and the national laboratories leverage intellectual and technical resources to develop science with meaningful applications.

Working with the Laboratories

Learn more about engaging with the national laboratories in innovative early-stage research with potential to push the boundaries of our known world.