Important updates on research continuity during the COVID-19 outbreak

Instructions for principal investigators who lead on-campus research teams and laboratories and for directors of on-campus research facilities.

Creating Capacity

UChicago researchers and scholars transform the way we see the world. The Office of Research and National Laboratories provides comprehensive support, guidance and resources to help our researchers advance their work, including connections to world-leading researchers and facilities at Argonne National Laboratory, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, the Marine Biological Laboratory and the Giant Magellan Telescope project.


For a sustainable future, scientists rethink plastics and devices

For a sustainable future, scientists rethink plastics and devices

Modern society is now starting to feel the real-world effects of climate change, after more than a century of unrestrained carbon emissions, overuse of natural resources, and irresponsible production of material waste. The rise of atmospheric carbon dioxide has...


Virtual lecture: AI for Science: From Atoms to the Cosmos


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Director’s Special Colloquium Celebrating Argonne’s 75th Anniversary

Scientists across the globe are using artificial intelligence (AI) to design better materials and processes, accelerate drug discovery, explore the mysteries of the universe, automate traditional research, and drive an array of scientific discoveries.This colloquium, the fourth in the series celebrating Argonne’s 75th anniversary, will engage a panel of experts to discuss how AI is used in, and has transformed, science.

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US-Brazil Collaboration in Understanding the Biomechanics of Craniofacial Disorders


Dec. 9, 2021

UChicago Global

Part of the UChicago-Brazil Collaboration in Science Lecture Series

Drs. Callum Ross and Russell Reid at the University of Chicago have spent their careers working to better understand human craniofacial biology and the treatment of related disorders. Dr. Felippe Prado at the University of Campinas has developed expertise in the identification and study of nonhuman and human models for craniofacial biomechanics. In this webinar, they will discuss the factors that led to their collaboration, the academic and clinical outcomes they have developed together, and how their careers as researchers and practitioners have benefited from international collaboration.

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Online course: Intro to Venture Capital


Apply by Dec. 3, 2021

Polsky Center

Graduate students, post-doctoral scholars, researchers, and faculty conducting scientific research and study at UChicago, Argonne, Fermilab, and Marine Biological Laboratory are encouraged to apply for Introduction to Venture Capital: A Toolkit for Analyzing and Financing Startups.

This free, non-credit course has been adapted from two popular entrepreneurship courses at Chicago Booth. It will empower scientists to understand the underlying economics of a new business. Participants will also gain insight into how investors make decisions.

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National Laboratories

We manage one of the world’s most preeminent research networks. From historic experiments in nuclear energy, developmental biology, and particle physics to today’s challenges of renewable power, dark matter, and microbial ecology, these institutions have long been at the vanguard of discovery.

Laboratory Safety

Research safety is essential to the responsible conduct of scientific inquiry. Contact the Office of Research Safety for more resources on campus-wise research laboratory safety, user training and information.

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