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The University of Chicago has been an international leader in basic and applied science research for more than 100 years. Researchers at the University and its national labs have made breakthroughs that have revolutionized our understanding and changed the world we live in, such as uncovered the link between cancer and genetics, evaluated the impact of social programs on the economy, and developed tools to produce reliably excellent urban schooling.

The Office of Research and National Laboratories works to provide UChicago researchers and scholars with guidance, resources and central administrative support for their pursuit of new knowledge and novel solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. We work to create possibility, enabling our researchers on campus and at our national laboratories to tackle cutting-edge, big picture scientific research and to better scale their scholarship and research discoveries.

Our Organizations

Research Development Support

Accelerating research by creating complex, custom research plans and collaborations
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Office of Research Safety

Partnering with researchers across campus to ensure that laboratory research is conducted safely and according to federal and institutional guidelines.
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UChicago CASE

The UChicago Consortium for Advanced Science and Engineering (UChicago CASE) grants University affiliation to approved scientists and scholars from affiliated institutions in a broad range of scientific and research areas.

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Research Computing Center

The RCC provides the UChicago community with a full-service high-performance computing center, resources and experts to advance research and scholarship at the University.
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University Research Administration

The URA provides guidance and resources for proposal development and is responsible for review and institutional endorsement of all proposals to Federal and other external sponsors (excluding gifts), assuring compliance with University policies and sponsor terms and conditions.
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National Laboratories

The office of Research, Innovation and National Laboratories provides direct oversight of Argonne National Laboratory, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, the Marine Biological Laboratory and the University’s founding-partner relationship with the Giant Magellan Telescope project.


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