Develop Your Idea

Idea generation is central to what we do as a university. Several of our offices can help you develop your early-stage research ideas.

Breaking Down Barriers

Researchers engaging in complex research initiatives often face a multitude of barriers including funding difficulties, a lack of known collaborators, and bureaucracy. The Research Development Support team works closely with faculty, University leadership, and external partners to reduce these barriers and develop multi-year strategies for funding, collaboration and research.


Get Entrepreneurial Support

Contact the Polsky Center to gain access to early-stage funding and resources that can help you launch or advance your venture, including specialized mentorship and proof-of-concept funding.


Build a Growth Plan

The Research Development Support team works with faculty and University leadership to develop multi-year funding, collaboration, and research growth plans for complex research initiatives. The team provides customized support services catered to the development of complex research initiatives – such as establishing key success variables for launching a project, such as novelty, timing, institutional support, fundability, etc.; securing a complex funding portfolio; or, organizational development for an early-stage center.

Host a Workshop

The Research Development Support team works with faculty and University leadership to facilitate workshops centering around complex research ideas. These workshops help to identify a potential set of multidisciplinary collaborators, identify institutional strengths as applied to complex research questions, build strong teams for complex research proposals, and establish creative partnerships both within the university and beyond.

Find Seed Funding

There are plenty of resources for early-stage research across campus. Learn more about upcoming funding opportunities and deadlines through the Seed Funding Platform.


Explore Potential Applications

Work with the Technology Commercialization and Licensing team at the Polsky Center to explore potential applications, identify industry partners, and gain access to early-stage funding to help your invention succeed.


Access Additional Resources

Get Computation Assistance

Get access to (and assistance with) high-end computing, storage, and visualization and other computation resources through the Research Computing Center.

Plan Safe Research

As you pursue your research, make sure to identify and address safety risks in your laboratory setting and/or research compliance risks. Contact the Office of Research Safety to learn more.