Virtual Lecture: Blackfoot Poetry from Einstein to Spacetime


Aug. 20, 2021


This lecture by Corey Gray, Caltech & LIGO, will be a journey of connecting Blackfoot language to gravitational wave astronomy. The LIGO/Virgo/KAGRA collaboration includes many people from around the world, all with their own stories. Corey Gray’s story will include a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s been like working at a land-based gravitational wave detector since 1998 (last century!). Additionally, he will share a “Top 3” list of his favorite detections, as well as the experience of a son having the opportunity to recruit his mother to work with him because of language—the language of spacetime and the Blackfoot people.

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Online lecture series: Organic/Organometallic Chemistry


Through Aug. 20, 2021
UChicago Global

PKU-UChicago Joint Lecture Series 2021

Despite the great advancement in the past decades, organic chemistry remains a fast-growing field. Organic chemists are continually looking for more efficient methods or strategies that can streamline synthesis with minimal wastes and energy costs, or novel small and large molecules that exhibit unique functions. Each event in this second annual series will feature a lecture by a UChicago professor and a Peking University professor, delineating their current research efforts. The lecture will conclude with audience Q&A.

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Online event: The Five W's of Quantum


Aug. 26, 2021


On the one-year anniversary of the announcement of the launch of Q-NEXT, we will look at what quantum information science is and why the development of this science and technology is so important to maintaining the United States as a global economic leader.

Q-NEXT is a national quantum science center led by Argonne and home to some of the nation’s most exciting research in quantum information science.

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Past Event Series

Argonne OutLoud at UChicago

A public events series featuring experts from Argonne National Laboratory.
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UChicago Discovery Series

The stories behind the science, from UChicago experts.
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Science on the Screen

Screenings and discussions of films with themes related to science, technology, math or engineering.
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