Origins of Life Speaker Series: Tim Lyons




November 19, 2020
University of Chicago
The diversity of life on Earth is profound, but evidence implies it may have arisen from non-living matter only once in our deep history. What conditions and circumstances led it to begin on Earth? From what properties and pathways of chemistry can life arise naturally? And do other planets have these same chemicals and conditions, serving host to life throughout the universe? The Origins of Life speaker series, hosted by the University of Chicago Physical Sciences Division, explores these ideas with lectures by leading thinkers in their fields.

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Neutrino Music, A Composer’s Journey



December 8, 2020
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
The Fermilab Arts and Lecture Series serves as an open door between Fermilab and our neighboring communities by offering a diverse array of performing arts performances and lectures that celebrate the artistic and intellectual vision of the lab.

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Should We Be Perturbed About Deep Learning?




December 9, 2020
Argonne National Laboratory
Many commentators are asking whether current artificial intelligence solutions are sufficiently robust, resilient, and trustworthy; and how such issues should be quantified and addressed. Desmond Higham of the University of Edinburgh will give an online seminar on the topic.

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