The Edison of Medicine: Robert Langer’s Quest to Solve Global Health Challenges Using Biotechnology





July 17, 2020
University of Chicago
Friday Evening Lecture, streaming live at 8 p.m. ET

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Scalable Data Management on HPC Systems




July 22, 2020
Argonne National Laboratory
Today’s scientific applications can run on hundreds of thousands of processors and produce massive amounts of data. To meet such requirements, high-performance computing (HPC) systems have grown in size and complexity, incorporating data analysis in addition to computational modeling. In this context, an important key to high performance is data management, which includes not only I/O but also analysis of data in situ in order to obtain scientific insight.

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Arts & Lecture Series: From Game of Thrones to Frozen, What Hollywood Can Teach Us About the Importance of Science in Storytelling




July 31, 2020
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Speaker: Rebecca Thompson is the Head of Education and Public Outreach at the Fermi National Accelerator Lab

From Valyrian steel to snow anchors, storytelling relies on science to drawn in and keep an audience. Just as important is how they can use deviations from real-life science effectively without pushing the audience out of the story. This talk with focus on how many of the pop culture juggernauts incorporate science, whether consciously or unintentionally, to strengthen the story and audience engagement.
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