Compton Lecture Series: Symmetry and Symmetry Breaking

Saturdays, April 6 - June 1
11 a.m. 
 Kersten Physics Teaching Center, 5720 S. Ellis, Room 106
Yu-Chen Tung, Enrico Fermi Institute Postdoctoral Scholar, will discuss the concept of symmetry and important discoveries and developments in particle physics. 
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2019 Microbiome Symposium

April 16, 2019
All day
Join the 2019 Microbiome Symposium to hear from early career researchers, illuminating emerging microbial methods across the microbiome research spectrum.
Logan Center, 915 East 60th Street, Chicago
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Breakthrough Biotechnologies for Defense

April 26, 2019 
10-11:30 a.m. 
Speaker: Dr. Brad Ringeisen, Deputy Director, DARPA Biotechnologies Office
William Eckhardt Research Center, Room 201B