Graduate Research Cooperative

The Graduate Research Cooperative (GRC) is a new initiative launched by the University of Chicago Office of Research and National Laboratories (RNL)  to foster and coordinate joint graduate student research between the University and affiliated national laboratories.

The GRC, which launched as a pilot phase in October 2019, currently places Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering graduate students at Argonne National Laboratory. The GRC was conceived as part of the Joint Taskforce Initiative (JTFI), which brings UChicago resources to bear in helping Argonne and Fermilab achieve mission success. The GRC eventually will expand to include other University academic departments and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.

The GRC is led by Paul Nealey, the GRC Faculty Director and Dougan Professor in Molecular Engineering, with executive administrative assistance from Larry Hill, Senior Associate Vice President for Strategic Initiatives in RNL. GRC oversight is provided by an Executive Committee composed of UChicago and Argonne senior leadership.

Learn more about the pilot phase.

How it Works

Graduate students participating in the GRC follow one of two tracks:

  1. Track one, similar to current visiting student appointments, is limited to one or two years in continuous research residence at Argonne.
  2. In track two, students conduct the entirety of their thesis research in residence at Argonne. 

All students have a UChicago faculty member as primary academic advisor, and an Argonne researcher with a joint appointment to UChicago as primary research advisor. The academic advisor ensures students meet UChicago department program requirements, and the research advisor supervises the student’s research project in Department of Energy mission areas. Students receive doctoral degrees from the University through existing academic departments. 

More Information

For more information please contact Paul Nealey or Larry Hill.