Interdisciplinary Teams

The Research Development Support (RDS) team fosters and supports interdisciplinary teams across departments and divisions and with external partners. Contact the RDS team can help to stimulate and sustain successful interdisciplinary teams by facilitating the following opportunities for engagement.

Brainstorming Workshops

Workshops can define research questions and opportunities areas as well as develop and strengthen relationships among collaborators. The RDS team can facilitate workshops by:

  • Developing agendas
  • Identifying participants
  • Helping with next steps and follow up
  • Creating white papers or vision document to summarize ideas

Key Contact: RDS team:

Chalk Talks

Chalk talks, events with rapid-fire faculty presentations on intriguing problems from different fields, are an opportunity to hear about interdisciplinary research ideas, identify potential collaborators and broaden your peer network. The RDS team can help you create a bespoke chalk talk by identifying:

  • Topic areas
  • Program design (format/logistics)
  • Next steps and follow up
  • Identifying speakers and preparing them for presentations

Key Contact: RDS team:

Customized Interdisciplinary Support

In addition to hosting collaborative research events, the RDS team can also offer guidance to help build successful teams and manage common challenges in team research, including:

  • Identifying potential collaborators across campus
  • Facilitating introductions
  • Identifying grant collaborators
  • Identifying interdisciplinary funding opportunities
  • Staffing interdisciplinary faculty committees (agenda setting, capturing meeting notes, formulating next steps)
  • Creating federal and foundation funding strategies
  • Engaging institutional support
  • Promoting investigator-to-investigator communication support

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