Proposal Support

The Office of Research and National Laboratories organizations and staff can help you secure federal support along the continuum of your project: from pre-award strategy to final submission. Find resources and key contacts through the support units below:

Department Grant Administrator

As a first step, work with your unit-level grant administrators, who are generally responsible for providing administrative support for one or more sponsored projects. Administrators may support comprehensive pre- and post-award activities for a number of PIs.

Pre-Award Services

University Research Administration has the responsibility to review and provide institutional endorsement for all proposals to federal and other external sponsors (excluding gifts), assuring compliance with University policies and sponsor terms and conditions. URA is the institutional authority for the negotiation and acceptance of financial support or other contractually-binding obligations in the form of a contract, grant, or agreement, including material transfer agreements and clinical trials.

Complex and Large Proposal Support

The Research Development Support team works on proposals across all fields of research that are too complex for a single faculty member, department or division. These include large-scale funding proposals, such as center grants, or proposals to uncommon funding agencies, such as DARPA.

Interdisciplinary Team Support

The Research Development Support team fosters and supports interdisciplinary teams across departments and divisions and with external partners. The RDS team can help to stimulate and sustain successful interdisciplinary teams by facilitating the following opportunities for engagement.

Research Safety and Compliance

The Office of Research Safety will provide guidance and support in obtaining institutional research safety and compliance committee registrations and approvals for research proposals involving recombinant DNA (IBC), research animals (IACUC), radioactive materials (ORS/Radiation Safety) or human research participants (URA/IRB).

Translational and Commercial Support

The Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation has teams available to help advise you on the potential impacts of your idea or invention.